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Some of the Past Projects in which we have participated:

Broadcast TV product design:
  • Digital character generator \ inserter (design)
  • Serial digital SD \ HD vision mixer (joint design)
  • Analog \ serial digital matrices (design)
  • Digital video scalers including DVI in \ out and high-speed RGB DACs (design)
  • Linear and Vertical Interval Timecode reading and generation

Broadcast TV system installation:

  • TV Studio, graphics area and edit suites (design, build, commission)
  • TV OB Comms, Links and Production Vehicles (design, build, commission)
Datacomms design:
  • Network GPI signalling system design
  • Microprocessor-based ISDN audio codec design
  • >Design of DSP ISDN codec with compressed audio & control data links
  • MPEG monitoring & processing equipment design
  • Ethernet 10/100 Base-T multiport switch design
Embedded systems design:
  • PIC CPUs & software for various applications (real-time \ test & control)
  • Matrox Movie2 bus interfacing
  • Data acquisition system for aircraft vibration testing design
  • Embedded software for production line test jigs
Consumer product design:
  • design of a low power UHF modulator
  • Switch-mode PSU design for satellite TV equipment
  • Automated test rigs for manufacturing and production

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